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Ribarska Banja Spa

Ribarska Banja is one of the oldest spas in the southeastern Balkans. It is among the six first Serbian spas rebuilt in 1833, during the reign of Prince Miloš.

The warm and healing waters of Ribarska Banje have probably been used since prehistoric times. In Roman times, there was a fort of Roman colonists on the site of today's Ribarska Banja. Throughout the empire, the Romans, following the example of the Greeks, nurtured the cult of beauty and health, and medicinal waters helped them the most in this. Historical documents state that Ribarska Banja (Zagrlat County) was given to the Serbian prefect Stefan Nemanja when he came of age. Princess Milica and her courtiers visited the healing springs of Ribarska Banja, and there is a legend in this area about beautiful village girls who remained beautiful even in old age, since they regularly washed at the fishermen's springs.

Ribarska Banja was visited and stayed in by all the crowned heads of Serbia. However, the favorite and most frequent guest of Ribarska Banja was King Petar I, who found a cure for his bone pain there. King Petar lived on the first floor of the "Serbia" villa. From this place, on May 25, 1913, he signed the Declaration on the annexation of Kosovo and Metohija to the motherland, the Kingdom of Serbia. As a sign of love and attention, the people of Banj built special stairs for their King, better known as the "king's stairs", with which he could more easily overcome the ascent.

The first chemical analysis of fishing water was done in 1834, during the reign of Prince Miloš, in the laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna.

The most beloved and frequent guest of Ribarska Banja today is NJ.K.V. Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević. Because of so many visits by crowned heads and royal families, Ribarska Banja is today called the royal spa.

Every year, about 20,000 visitors stay in Ribarska Banja for their health and recreational needs. Following world trends, Ribarska Banja renovated and expanded the old Turkish bath, which dates back to the 16th century, for its guests. In this way, the offer of WELLNESS and SPA programs has been expanded and completed with new contents. Salt room and cave, steam bath, Queen Draga bath, saunas, luxury massage rooms, jacuzzi tubs, open-indoor swimming pool, and above all the old Turkish bath, make a stay in this center unforgettable.

For all those who love traditional folk dishes and specialties of this region, we recommend the ethnic restaurant in the village of Srndalje, which can be reached by a 1,800-meter-long well-maintained mountain road.

Tennis and beach volleyball courts, a mini water park and a playground for children are just part of the Sports and Recreational Center "Samar", which has been open to visitors since June 1, 2019.