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The tourist organization of the town of Kruševac has existed since 1995. Before that, this public institution operated under the name of the Tourist Association of the Municipality of Kruševac. The Tourist Association was founded in 1964 with the aim of helping the development of all forms of tourism.

Today, the tourist organization, as a public service, performs all the activities of promotion and development of tourism. Her work is public, and in the wide scope of her tasks we will list only a few: development of tourism development programs, preparations for the reception and stay of tourists, organizing tourist information and propaganda activities, creating conditions for rest and recreation, organizing guide services, encouraging and developing publishing activities and souvenirs production.

The tourist organization of Kruševac provides tourists with one-day, two-day and multi-day stay programs in the city and its surroundings, introducing them to the cultural and historical heritage and other tourist potentials of the city. It should be noted that rural tourism is in intensive development, as well as the increasingly popular “Wine Routes” which this institution successfully implements.

An indicator of the successful work of the Tourist Organization of the town of Kruševac are numerous awards and recognitions from fairs in the country and abroad, as well as from events of local and wider character.

Promotional activities conducted by the Tourist Organization of the town of Kruševac have the goal of tourism becoming a leading promoter of city of Kruševac image as a modern and desirable vacation destination.