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Western Morava is extremely rich in fish species: bream, chub, barbel, catfish, perch, carp... On the entire length of the "Western Morava" fishing water, in part of the "Serbia-Southwest" fishing area, from May 1 to November 30 night fishing and fishing from a boat is allowed.

Jezero Ćelije, near Kruševac, is a favorite place in the summer for fishermen from all over Serbia who come there in search of capital specimens of carp, perch, catfish and bream. Due to the above-mentioned topicality of the lake, night fishing and fishing from a boat are allowed in accordance with the law, except in the period from March 1st to June 15th in the Zlatar Basin, where, due to spawning, fishing is prohibited.

In the upper part of the Rasina River, it is rich in brown trout, where a special fishing regime has been established, while in the lower part it is rich in chub, sable, barbel, chub... It is ideal for chub fly fishing.

Sports fishing

In the locality of Jastrebac, on the fishing water "Jastrebačka" i.e. the Lomnička River from the source to the village of Buci, a special regime of recreational fishing is prescribed exclusively with fly fishing equipment, "Catch and release" catch and release in the period from March 1st to October 1st.

In the immediate vicinity of Zapadna Morava, in the vicinity of Kruševac, there are ponds that are a real paradise for pike hunting, where the popular "Štukijada" competition is organized, which is increasingly visited.

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