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Mountain climbing

Mountaineering Everyone who comes to the most wooded mountain in Europe at least once, wants to come back here again. Favorite hiking routes are to "Bela Stena" (1257 m), "Stracimir" (1390 m), "Maznica" (1140 m), as well as trips to "Major's Fountain", "Two Sisters", the old church of St. Petke, "Birch Valley" and the medieval fortress "Gradac".

A hawk

One of the most beautiful hiking trails is on Jastrepec. It is the path to the Bear Rocks, which mountaineers all over Serbia affectionately call the "Jastrebak meteors".

The starting point for all actions on Jastrebac is precisely the Mountaineering Home, which was named in 2004 after the deceased member of PSD Jastrebac, Žarko Žarić.

Certainly the most popular PSD Jastrebac action is the famous Jastrebac march, which according to the calendar of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia is a republican action. Every year, in the month of October, at least two hundred mountaineers from all over Serbia and Montenegro pass through the paths of Jastrebec.