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Kayaking and rafting

Kayaking club "Kula" was founded in 1996 in Stalac on the banks of three rivers: Južna Morava, Zapadna Morava and Velika Morava. In addition to the development of the sport of kayaking, the club also organizes tourist rafting tours (rafting), which are specific because they offer historical and spiritual content in the authentic, natural environment of the area around South Morava, in the part of the Stalać gorge, from Đunis to Stalać.

The rafting tour usually lasts one day (depending on the desire..) with
by visiting spiritual sanctuaries and historical objects as much as possible
brings closer to the nature and spiritual ambience of the area. The program includes a tour of Moisinjska mountain (Moisinjske Svete gora). The area between Stalać - Đunis - Kaonik - Kruševac (about 40 square kilometers) is popularly known as the Little Holy Mountain or the Second Serbian Holy Mountain, and it was often called the "Serbian Gate" in Serbian history, and the Europeans called it the "Gate of Europe".

These are the areas of the Moisin Mountains, where there are over 70 monasteries, churches and chapels. The Mojsinjska mountain is crossed by the South Morava river, creating the Stalaćka gorge (about 30 km long).

Kayaking and rafting

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