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Monument to Kosovo Heroes

Monument to Kosovo Heroes is a symbol of Krusevac and the most monumental work of the national art of sculpture from the early 20th century. It is a work of famous Serbian sculptor Djordje Jovanovic. The monument was unveiled on Vidovdan 1904 within the celebration of 100 anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising in presence of the king Petar I Karadjordjevic. Jovanovic was awarded with the gold medal of the first order on the International Exibition in Paris in 1900, where the sculpture elements were designed and exhibited.
With the essence of the French academism, pyramidal composition with dominant figure of Bosko Jugovic and a fairy on the top, and with figures of an old man playing gusle and a maid – that personify Serbia- in the lower northern part, i.e. southern side of the monument, inspired by Kosovo story, it represents the author’s idea of centuries long struggle of Serbian people for their national freedom. The eastern and the western sides of the monument’s reliefs depict the epic Eucharist of the Serbian army before the Kosovo Battle and the death of Sultan Murat. The northern part has a coat of arms of Nemanjic state and engraved 1389 – the year of Kosovo Battle; the western part shows a coat of arms of King Dusan and the year of unveiling the monument – 1904; the emblem of Prince Lazar is placed on the eastern side with inscription “Serbianhood to Kosovo Heroes” with bay leaf wreath and palm twig in the bottom, while the emblem of the Serbian Kingdom from 1888 and the year of proclamation of Serbian Kingdom – 1882- can be seen on the southern part of the monument. Motives on cast iron fence around the monument represent stylized peony flowers from Kosovo.

Spomenik je otkriven na Vidovdan 1904. godine.

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