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Naupara Monastery

Monastery dates from the 14th century and according to the legend, Despot Stefan built the church. During the construction of Lazarica Church, Stefan put the best stones aside. When Lazar saw the completed and beautiful church, he exclaimed: “What was on your mind?!” Another legend tells a story of Prince Lazar’s treasure being buried at this spot before the Kosovo Battle. He said it then: “Those who come back alive from Kosovo, BEAR IN MIND (Serbian: NA UM PARE) the money we have buried here.” And that is how the monastery got its name. The greatest artistic values of the monastery are two rosettes on the western facade, one of the most beautiful works of art of the Morava Architecture School.

Za najveću umetničku vrednost manastira Naupare, smatraju se dve rozete na zapadnoj fasadi; koje su ujedno pravi primerci tvorevine stare Moravske škole.

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