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Ribarska Banja Spa

Ribarska Banja Spa je one of the oldest spas in the South-East Balkans. In 1833, during the rule of Prince Milos. It one of the first six spas that were rehabilitated.

Welcome to the Royal Bath.

Warm and healing waters of Ribarska Banja Spa have been used since the ancient history. During the Roman era, on the site of today’s Ribarska Banja, there was a fortress of Roman colonists. Taking after Greeks, a cult of beauty and health was nurtured throughout the entire Roman empire, which was mainly maintained by the use of healing waters. Historical records show that, in time of his maturity, Ribarska Banja (Zagrlatska Zupa) came in to possession of Serbian prefect (zupan) Stefan Nemanja. Princess Milica and her entourage visited the healing springs of Ribarska Banja, and the story tells of remarkable beauty of village girls who stayed beautiful even in the older age and their secret was washing their faces at the springs of the Ribare River.

Numerous people of Serbian crown visited and stayed in Ribarska Banja. Still, the most beloved and the most frequent guest of the Spa was the King Peter I who tried to find relief from his gout right here. King Peter resided at the first floor of Villa Serbia. At this place, on May 25, 1913, he signed the Declaration of unification of Kosovo and Metohija with the mainland, Kingdom of Serbia. As a token of their love and respect for their king, people of Ribarska Banja build the special stairs, known as “the royal stairs”, which made ascending easier for him.

The first chemical analysis of fishing water was done in 1834, during the time of Prince Miloš, in the laboratory of the Medical Faculty in Vienna.

During the rule of Prince Milos, the first chemical analysis of Ribarska Banja Spa’s water was done in 1834, in the laboratory of School of Medicine in Vienna. The dearest guest of today, the one, who often visits Ribarska Banja, is most certainly Her Royal Highness Princes Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic. Because of these numerous visits of royals and royal families Ribarska Banja holds the title of the royal spa.

Every year, 20000 people visit Ribarska Banja due to health but also recreational needs. Following the international trends and their visitors’ needs, the management of Ribarska Banja Spa, renovated and extended the old Turkis bath, dating from 16th century. This way the WELLNESS AND SPA Program was improved offering new contexts. The Salt room and the cave, steam bathroom, Queen Draga’s bathtub, saunas, luxurious massage rooms, Jacuzzi, open and closed swimming pools, and before all, the old Turkish bath, make your stay in the Centre unforgettable.

For all lovers of traditional cuisine and local specialties, we recommend an ethno restaurant in the village of Srndalje that you can reach by clear,1800 meters long, mountain road.

Tennis court and beach volleyball court, small Aqua Park and children playground are only a small portion of Sports and Recreational Centre “Samar” that has started working on June 1, 2019.

Protection of the Holy Mother of God MonasteryProtection of the Holy Mother of God Monastery

Protection of the Holy Mother of God Monastery is located in the village of Djunis, 18 km east of Krusevac. The church was built in late 19th century, after the appearance of the Holy Mother of God to a seek girl. The original and modest house of god had been destroyed and restored several times. New church was built in period from 1977 to 1982. This picturesque monastery with spring and church yard is one of the most visited monasteries in this area.