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Kruševac National Museum

National Museum of Kruševac was founded on December 19, 1951. During almost 60 years of work and continuous development, it has grown out to important cultural institution not only in Kruševac, but the Rasina District and the Republic of Serbia as well. Predominant activity of the Museum is collection, conservation, preservation and presentation of mobile cultural heritage. The museum fund numbers 22.000 of art and historical works, tri-dimensional artefacts, photographs, and documents. Museum exhibits are sorted in 7 collections: archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic, cultural and historical, natural museum, fine arts, and applied arts. Arrangement of materials has a chronological concept starting with the Prehistory, accentuating the middle ages – the era of Prince Lazar and Despot Stefan. The visitors are mostly attracted to Price Lazar’s gown and the original model of Vidovdan Temple, done by famous Ivan Mestrović, that should have been built on the sight of the Kosovo battle, but the project was never implemented because of its high costs.

Narodni muzej Kruševac sakuplja, čuva, štiti i izlaže pokretna kulturna dobra i ostatke materijalne kulture zavičaja.

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