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National Theater in Kruševac

The Professional National Theater in Kruševac, officially founded in 1946, has deep roots in amateur, workers', youth and professional "ad hoc" ensembles… the capital's Belgrade theaters. Fifty years before the opening of the professional theater house in Kruševac, in the high theater lyceum in Belgrade, the greatest legend of Kruševac's Talija pod Bagdalom - Bora Mihajlović - will finish with a brilliant diploma. First-class Serbian drama actors will come out of his "overcoat": Rada Savićević, Mihajlo Paskaljević, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Đuza Stojiljković, Taško Načić “

In the first period of its existence and activities, the National Theater in Kruševac is working on the professionalization of the theatrical act, on the academization of the theatrical style in the positive sense of the word. The ensemble is composed of very different artists of unequal stylistic shapes and forms. The repertoire is classically domestic with several Russian playwrights in the aura of socialist realist "non-conflict" drama. In the second stage, the National Theater in Kruševac will approach a respectable dramatic opus of contemporary European and domestic drama: Cocteau, Shaw, Tennessee Williams, Gogol, Sterija, Nušić, Krleža, Brešan… The third round of the Kruševac repertoire, from 1986 until today with an artistic will and marked the rise of dramas by Ben Johnson, Goldoni, Aleksandar Popović, Ionesco, Dušan Kovačević repertoire and those pieces and farces from our time, whose value has already been tested or is still being tested, today and here.

Kruševačko pozorište je danas postalo jedna od vodećih umetničkih kuća u našoj republici i našem narodu.

National Theater in Kruševac

Vidovdanska 26, Kruševac 37000, Srbija