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Pioneers’ Park

The Pioneers Park in Krusevac also has a long standing history with its beginnings dating from the first half of the 19th century. Its place used to be uncultivated and abandoned field during the Turkish era. In 1931 many trees and flowers were planted, and circular spaces formed. It became the place of school recitals, manifestations, cultural programs, etc. After the WW2, a circular railway track called the Pioneer’s Train was installed, Pioneers’ House was built making it a place for bicycle races, but also a place for play and fun of children and young people. The Pioneers’ Park today stands for: complex designed in accordance with the criteria of “spirit of the times”, communal maintenance, good lighting, and landscaped area. Environmentally speaking, former “Pioneer” keeps the function of “the city’s lungs”. In the 2017 celebration of October 14th- the Liberation Day of Krusevac- the Pioneer’s Park gained its new looks. The park je was equipped with playground features, sports requisites, and the performance stage.