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Tavern Novo Prerovo

Tavern "Novo Prerovo" is located at Obilićeva 60, in the place where an old tavern existed and operated for many years. Today, with new people and a new offer, top quality and service, affordable prices and a pleasant atmosphere, it can satisfy all gourmet desires. And we also offer what is rarely found in other places: lamb shanks, stewed beef tails, drumsticks with cream, krezle, veal head in ham, stuffed zucchini... Serbs have always loved pubs. Plaid tablecloths, a large selection of home-cooked dishes, unobtrusive service and a pleasant atmosphere, this is what attracts both those who celebrate and those who mourn. The right place to socialize and chat with great food and drinks. By combining the requirements of the modern rhythm of life with the tradition of old Serbian taverns, "Novo Prerovo" is on the best way to become a real hospitality institution in Kruševac.