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Gavez Bella Vista

About Gavez Gavez is a populated place in the Rasin district, 7 km from the center of Kruševac at an altitude of 138 m. The village is located right in the middle of the road between Šanac and Jasika. The rural atar stretches from north to south and crosses the Morava, which is adorned with beautiful fishing spots. The village got its name, as the story goes, from the daj plant that grows in abundance, which you can easily see on the property of the Gavez Bella Vista farm.   About our farm The farmstead Gavez Bella Vista is located in the center of the village, on an area of 2.5 ha under a plum orchard, a beautiful cherry and oak forest and well-maintained hiking trails. We have three beautiful rooms, one of which is a triple room and two rooms for two people. All rooms are with bathroom, internet and other related equipment. Additional activities Our farm has its own tennis and basketball court, so enjoyment and activities in nature and sports are the main motive of the visit. So that the enjoyment on our property is complete, and our body is completely free from stress, as well as muscles from pain and fatigue, we provided deep sweating in the Finnish sauna next to a small pool with a turbo massager. After all these activities, staying at our property will make you sink into a peaceful and healthy sleep.